It can be every bride’s nightmare, trying to find a dress to suit a multitude of ages, shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the same dress just won’t work for the whole retinue. This poses a dilemma, but you can opt for multi-way gowns. Going for the same colour but changing the bodice strap neckline. See our Revie London Alexis multi-way in nude. It's soft jersey flows in a feminine silhouette . Tie a number of ways to capture a unique look - this is a popular wardrobe fix. Or, a brave choice for brides can be to simply let your retinue choose their own style of dresses – just offer them a colour template (and price tag) and show them the Bridesmaid collection so they don’t choose off point. This can be a great way to encourage your friends to re wear and help make an ecological choice, so it doesn’t end up in landfill but is worn on repeat.  Shop multi-way dresses




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