Fall is my favourite season, and the main reason is that my birthday is in November.

When I was a little girl, I remember celebrating my friends’ birthdays playing outside in their backyards, hide and seek and all the other fun games. Then came November and celebrating my birthday where we could only stay at home and play board games together. I remember how I was always a little sad that it’s too cold to play outside and was always hoping around September and October that maybe beginning of November will be warm this year. That never happened.

Last Sunday, my husband made my dream come true and I couldn’t be more surprised and happier!



On Saturday, my hubby asked me to help him make waffles, I was a little suspicious, because usually I’m the one offering to make them for us, but of course, I agreed. He also knew that I got a new dress from Revie London and when I got it I said to him that I won’t have any event to wear it for. Last weekend my better half said: “love, wear this fancy dress you were talking about that you don’t have a reason to wear”, I answered: “okay love”, but in my mind I knew that something fishy is going on here.


The day came and my hubby needed only a little help with the dough for waffles, because thanks to Chefman Perfect Pour Volcano Waffle Maker, he could make them by himself. Following this, I was getting ready and my love was running back and forth, but he wouldn’t say a word what he was actually doing. After decorating the waffles together, we went outside and there was a perfect set up with roses on the table and a pink box.


Next, my husband told me that he knows how I always wanted my birthday to be in summer or beginning of the fall, because he knows how much I like spending time outside so with the beginning of the fall, he wanted to make a little celebration for my birthday and already got me a gift. We have made plans for my birthday already, but he couldn’t wait, which didn’t bother me at all.



In Poland when you get engaged and married, you wear both rings on your right hand (not left), so my sweet husband got me a rose gold diamond ring so I can wear it on my right hand, that was so thoughtful of him! I couldn’t believe that! He got it at AUrate which I’ve never heard of before, but visited their website after and I really like all of their jewelry. They have beautiful gold necklaces and earrings that now I have some of them on my wish list.

Till the end of the day I was looking at my sweet hubby and my new ring all the time, I was amazed about what he did for me and how very thoughtful it was of him!


To be honest with you, each and every day I’m thinking: why me? and I never have the answer so I just stick to being grateful and too blessed to be stressed :)


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